Sunday, 13 September 2015

How to make a blogger site: Let's Get Started

So first of all you should head to and follow the Instructions there to create your blog. NOTE: You may have to create  a Gmail account if you don't already have one before you can access

The steps for making our blogger site
When I first started I created a few other 'test' blogs just to play around with and find out how things worked. I don't know much about html, but I don't think that's a problem. Sometimes you will need to insert some html code but if you can copy and paste and use Notepad, then that makes it easy.

So go ahead, make a test blog. Play around a bit. You wont break anything. :)

When you have found your way around things a little, you may want to give some thought to a good name for your Banner blog. Something suitable, maybe make it a little catchy or memorable. This is because if people like your site, they may tell their friends and you want them to remember it.

When you have come up with your award winning, most catchy and memorable name in the world and created your 'Banner Blog', then it's time to head on to the next step which is to join the sites and get the code we need to display our Ads. Go to 'Best Free Banner Exchanges to join'.

Viral Banner Coop

Mul - TE

Banner Adz

The Banner Exchange


eBanner Traffic