Thursday, 10 September 2015

Top 10 best autosurf traffic exchanges

There are Two Kinds of Traffic I send to this blog. The first kind is from Auto traffic. I primarily send traffic 24/7 to my blog (URL) from these sites below which are my recommended top 10 best autosurf traffic exchanges because of the great features they have. There are many of these kind of sites around, but I prefer these ones below because they have been around for a while, they are easy to setup and they just work without too many problems (which cant be said for many others)

** See which is the best autosurf traffic exchange winner below **

You Just Join up below, look around inside and find where it says Add A New Site and then put in Your blog URL. Start the Autosurf program running and it will begin to send hits to your blog and your banner sites will start to accumulate credits!


   Click On The Banners To Join

 Websyndic best autosurf traffic exchange
Bighits4u best autosufr traffic exchange

10khits best autosurf traffci exchange


 Otohits best free autosurf traffic exchange




top 10 best autosurf traffic exchanges to joinWithout a doubt, Hitleap is the absolute winner and it is no wonder . Its in the top 10 best autosurf traffic exchanges to join because of the features and the service it provides. Many of these kind of traffic exchanges have huge problems running consistently without interruption from redirects, viruses or malware etc, but the exceptional Hitleap viewer app they have does a real good job with all of that.

You can join free, but I would reccommend upgrading as it is only about $8 a month but there are many ways you can use this traffic to get a huge return on your money.

Click on Why Hitleap is the number one autosurf traffic exchange site to join for much more details. 

So you will see in the image below, how to set up the banner images and links like they are above on this page. After you have done that, it is time to move on to the best free manual traffic exchanges to join

Setting up the banners and links


Best Autosurf Websites: How to setup the banners & links
     This picture shows how to set things up like you see above.

Viral Banner Coop

Mul - TE

Banner Adz

The Banner Exchange


eBanner Traffic