Saturday, 12 September 2015

Best Free Banner Exchanges to join

Here you will find the links for the website banners I am currently displaying. They are from what I believe to be some of the best free banner exchanges to join for this kind of project. I spent a lot of time over the last few years searching through and joining many, then using them to better understand all they had to offer. I only selected what I thought were the best ones to be included here.

NOTE: Just click the banner of the website you wish to Join. From each site, you will need two things.  Your Referral link and The Html code for the sites banner that you will display. Remember to copy these into a Notepad text file until you need it later when you create a post like this one on your blog.

Mul-TE best free banner exchange to join

Hitlink free banner credits

Viralbanneradcoop best free banner exchange

 Intellibanners free banner advertising

 Banner Adz best free banner exchange

 The banner exchange free banner hits

 free banner advertising at buckets of banners

 Banner VIP for free banner hits

 BigAdBlast free banner advertising

 TrafficG best free manual traffic exchange & banner exchange

Remember, all of these sites have their own layout. You will have to look around to find your referral links. Some you will find on the home page (eBanner Traffic) Some are probably under a section that will be named something like 'Promotional Tools' or similar.  ( for example thats where they are in Banner Adz and Mul -TE )

These pictures show the steps in creating the Site Titles and putting in the matching referral links

Click the picture to see larger view

Click the picture to see larger view

 Let continue on the next section - 'Get The Code' 

Viral Banner Coop

Mul - TE

Banner Adz

The Banner Exchange


eBanner Traffic