Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Best free manual traffic exchanges to join

Getting traffic from the best free manual traffic exchanges to help build things up

Unlike the the first kind of traffic, which is mostly all Automated and good for the purpose of getting massive hits to the banner sites, the second kind of traffic we want is real people.

We want real people on our site because hopefully they appreciate that we have shown them a fantastic way to get a huge amount of free banner advertising quite easily for their promotions.

Hopefully they will click our banners, join some programs and become our referrals which gives us a little benefit (credit wise) for our time while setting all this up, and then in return, they should be able to benefit the same way when they have their site setup too. Share the Good Karma :)

Top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges to join
Many bonuses in the surf, great Ad results. Earn Credits and Cash surfing. Monthly Bonuses.
Great results here! 1:1 Ratio, Extra ways to earn credits.
Easy HoverSurf site to buildup credits. Excellent to Upgrade..get 100 URL's !!

best free manual traffic exchange
Surf ratio of 1:1, Prizes, also has great banner exchange built in
One of the largest TE's. Splashbuilder, rotator, Earn credits from your referrals on 5 levels

Surf ratio of 1:1, has many prizes in the surf

1000 credits signup bonus. Login bonus.
VTG games.

 Great signup bonus, many prizes. Can earn cash.

 A fantastic mailer and TE all in one. Great results here.

With That In Mind: There are a few good ways to get 'eyeballs' on to your blog.
Traffic Exchanges and Mailer programs spring to mind as the most common. I have been using this kind of advertising extensively with good results for quite a long time now. There are many though, differing widely from brilliant to appalling.
Note: This is just a small selection here, but if you want to learn more about how to find the top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges to join, you can have a look and get a lot more information here in a featured rated list.

How to pick a good one? The ones listed here are a few that I think have many all round good features, including being easy to clock up credits - they have good exchange ratios, have good results for your promotions and importantly, seem to be appealing for others to join as your referral. Building referrals up into a large downline over time is important, as they will earn you a lot more credits to advetise with and even cash in some instances if they choose to upgrade their memberships.

I have a core group or around twenty 20 traffic exchanges that I use every week. Many have similar features, but they seem to have to have some great and unique aspects that make them stand above the rest. One of the difficult things in having a list of my top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges is that I had to leave out some TE's that really are great in their way. I will be updating this page in the near future to include some extra info on my other best free manual traffic exchanges that I use regularly, so as to give you more choices and I will also be including some info on traffic Co-ops too. If you dont know about those, check back soon and find out more.

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