Monday 14 September 2015

Would you like HEAPS of banner credits for FREE?

Learn how to get an Incredible amount of free banner credits ..yes, FREE. You can do it too, just like I am now, by following these simple steps. 
It's fantastic not only for the HUGE amount of banner advertising you'll learn how to generate, but also for getting continuous Referrals to your sites. 
You will also get all the ongoing free banner credits they will earn you, and even cash because of the ways you can monetize this kind of site! 

We will build this site around Banner exchange programs and they are websites that offer a pretty basic but very valuable service. How they work is you post X amount of ads on your site and in return they will post your banner ad on another site. 

--> You normally have to post more than one of their ads for every one of your ads that they post. It isnt an even exchange as this is how the exchange programs make a profit. The way it is setup is that it yields them more ad spaces than actual banner ads they need to place for their members, so they can charge their paying advertisers for the extra ad spaces. 

The exact exchange ratio can vary, but a typical arrangement would be 2:1, where you post two ads on your site for every one of yours posted on another site. You will see in this post and below the selection of banners from the banner exchanges I currently promote. I believe they are the Best free banner exchanges to use and earn credits from. 

With those credits that I earn, I can then use them to promote my own ads on those sites. The exciting thing is that for a little work setting things up, the payoff is HUGE - thousands, tens of thousands, or even more than one million free views in a short space of time. Yes..Really!

You can do this too. It's not too difficult at all. It just takes is a bit of time and patience and maybe a little trial and error ;) to setup a blog like this. After that, you will need to drive traffic to it and then sit back and watch as the free banner credits start to accumulate! 

 You will find outmore information on how to drive free traffic to your site later on in the guide. So let's get started. Head over to How to make a blogger site: Let's Get Started and dive in! 

Note: There Is now a newly created Wordpress version of this site HERE

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